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My World

Lucky Dube

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"My World" is a reggae ballad about the importance of living simply and in harmony with nature. The song's lyrics are a reflection on the singer's own life and experiences.

The song opens with the singer describing his childhood home, which was a simple place in the countryside. The singer recalls playing with his friends and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. He also recalls the importance of family and community.

Lucky Dube My World Lyrics

Dinky the boy from next door
Talked to the rich man standing in his garden looking so miserable
He said you are the rich man here so why do you cry
Rich man said to the boy it's all bills and more bills
Dinky said to the rich man I know a place where we can go
Where we don't pay no government tax
And we don't pay no telephone bills
All we care about is candy
Let me welcome you to the kingdom (Kingdom of the children)
Little boy said kingdom of the children
Rich man did not believe
What he heard from the little boy
Till the little boy made it clear to him
In my world (In my world)
No trouble (No trouble boy)
In my world (In my world)
No worries (No worries boy)
In my world (In my world)
No trouble oh no worries
Let me welcome you (To the kingdom)
Kingdom of the children
I said kingdom of the little ones
Rich man thought about it said I have everything
But still I'm not happy maybe if I change and live my life
Like a child I'll be happy yeah
He said
Cause they don't have no politics
They don't care about being rich and
They don't care about being poor
All they care about is candy
In my world (In my world boy)
No trouble (No trouble boy no trouble no trouble no)
In my world (Yeah in my world in my world boy)
No worries (No trouble boy no trouble hey)
In my world (In my world my world boy in my world my world boy)
No troubles

About My World

Released 1993
Duration 04:23
Artist(s) Lucky Dube
Genre Reggae
Label Motown Records

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