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The Oppressed Song

Bob Marley

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The song is about the oppression of people around the world. It was written in the early 1970s, a time when there was a lot of political and social unrest in the world. The song is a call for people to stand up against oppression and to fight for justice.

The song begins with the line "The man oppressed will seem to do the worst," which sets the tone for the rest of the song. The singer goes on to describe the ways in which people are oppressed, both physically and mentally. The song speaks to the anger and frustration that people feel when they are oppressed, and the need to fight back.

The song ends with the line "But with all he possesses self preservation comes first," which is a reminder that even though people are oppressed, they still have to protect themselves. The singer is urging people to find ways to fight back against oppression without putting themselves in danger.

The song "The Oppressed Song" is a powerful and moving anthem for people who are oppressed. It is a reminder that people have the power to fight back against oppression, and that they should never give up hope.

Bob Marley The Oppressed Song Lyrics

The man oppressed will seem to do the worst
But with all he possesses self preservation comes first
His damnation comes not from burning free
As destruction of the poor is their poverty, is their poverty

While oppression is the poor man's choice
Ah, but in this he does rejoice
His burdens, though heavy, he somehow bears
As for his seed, there's only one who cares
There's only one who cares

Though his pilgrimage extends, his progresses ascend
But as the prudent one exalts, he is gonna find his faults
But as the wise man sees, he knows, he knows
There's no rest in the west, so to the east he goes
To the east he goes (To the east he goes)
Where he can find peace of mind, oh

About The Oppressed Song

Released 1973
Duration 03:17
Artist(s) Bob Marley
Genre Reggae
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