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I Love You

Broederliefde & Fally Ipupa

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"I Love You" is a song by Dutch hip-hop group Broederliefde featuring Congolese singer Fally Ipupa. The track is included on Broederliefde's album "Strandje Aan De Maas," which was released in 2022.

"I Love You" combines elements of hip-hop, Afrobeat, and R&B, creating a vibrant and melodic sound. The song explores themes of love, affection, and appreciation for someone special. The lyrics express feelings of adoration and the desire to be close to the person they love.

Fally Ipupa, a renowned Congolese artist, lends his smooth and soulful vocals to the track, adding an international flavor to the collaboration. His distinct style and vocal delivery complement the infectious beats and melodies provided by Broederliefde.

The song's production features a blend of catchy hooks, rhythmic beats, and vibrant instrumentals, creating an engaging and danceable atmosphere. The combination of Broederliefde's rap verses and Fally Ipupa's melodic contributions adds depth and variety to the track, making it a standout on the album.

"I Love You" showcases Broederliefde's ability to fuse different musical influences and collaborate with international artists, expanding their reach beyond their Dutch fanbase. The track's catchy melodies and universal themes of love and affection resonate with listeners, regardless of their background or language.

As part of the "Strandje Aan De Maas" album, "I Love You" contributes to the overall diverse and dynamic sound that Broederliefde presents. The song stands as a testament to the group's growth and their willingness to explore new musical territories.

Overall, "I Love You" is a captivating collaboration between Broederliefde and Fally Ipupa, combining their unique talents to create a vibrant and melodic track. The song's infectious energy and universal themes make it an enjoyable addition to both Broederliefde's discography and the Dutch music scene.

Broederliefde I Love You Lyrics

I love you
Oh ohoh ooooh
You know them (oh ohoh ooooh)
I love you you you (oh ohoh ooooh)
You know them
You know them
I love you
I love you
You know them (you know them)
I love you you you you you (i love you)
You know them
You know them
I love you
I love you ouuuu
Ma chérie iiiie iiie maman
Je l'ai fait pour toi
Tu le sais
Je l'ai fait pour toi aaah
Mon corps est pour toi
Même mon coeur ne bat que pour ça aaah
Mana zaraba momoooo
Nabolianga mama
Nayina na zan boliangé nana
Rapproche toi de moi
Anh anh
Au tour de moi
Anh anh
Give me a kiss
Kiss kiss anh anh
I love youuuu
I love you
You know them (You know them)
I love you ouuuu (I love you)
You know them (You know them)
You know them
I want to be with you in my life
Every thing is good for yourself

About I Love You

Released 2023
Duration 03:20
Artist(s) Broederliefde & Fally Ipupa
Genre Afrobeats
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