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Diddy - Homecoming (feat. Jozzy) is a song from Diddy's fifth studio album, The Love Album: Off the Grid, released in 2023. It is a sensual slow jam with a mellow beat and Jozzy's sultry vocals.

The song is about a couple who are rekindling their romance after a period of separation. The lyrics are full of longing and desire, as the two lovers sing about their passion for each other and their excitement to be back together.

Diddy's rap verse on the song is short but sweet, as he expresses his own love and appreciation for Jozzy. He also references his past relationships, suggesting that he has finally found the one with her.

Overall, "Homecoming" is a smooth and seductive song that is sure to get you in the mood. It is a perfect example of Diddy's ability to create timeless love music.

About Homecoming

Released 2023
Duration 03:25
Artist(s) Diddy & Jozzy
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap

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