Everything Ends


Everything Ends

Leith Ross

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"Everything Ends" by Leith Ross is a song about the inevitability of change and loss. The song begins with Ross singing about how everything in life comes to an end, from relationships to TV shows to even the ache of heartbreak. She sings, "Everything ends/From TV shows to parties/Everything ends/Every song and every meal/Everything ends/And that's the saddest thing/I think I'll ever hear."

Leith Ross Everything Ends Lyrics

Everything ends
From tv shows to parties
Everything ends
Every song and every meal

Everything ends
And that's the saddest thing
I think I'll ever hear

But everything ends
Bad dreams and sorrow
Everything ends
The ache that life has lent

Everything ends
And that's the sweetest thing
I'll ever hear again
That everything ends

About Everything Ends

Released 2023
Duration 01:28
Artist(s) Leith Ross
Genre Rock/Pop
Label Interscope and Republic Records.

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