“My Health Stopped Me From Joining #EndSARS Protest” – Don Jazzy

“My Health Stopped Me From Joining #EndSARS Protest” – Don Jazzy

“My Health Stopped Me From Joining #EndSARS Protest” – Don Jazzy

Nigerian music producer, Michael Ajereh AKA Don Jazzy, has revealed why he didn’t join the ongoing protest against police brutality and attacks on civilians by SARS officers.

Many Nigerians are currently on the street protesting police brutality.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad is a Nigerian Police Force unit under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police Anthony Ogbizi.

For days now, Nigerians have been protesting in number against continued police brutality, and activities of SARS officers.

The citizens want the police unit to be totally abolished, and not reformed.

Taking to social media, Don Jazzy reacted to the ongoing SARS protest, expressing support for the protesters.

He wrote;

“I feel so proud seeing many Nigerian youths across state boundaries come together to fight for a single cause. It’s so appalling that it had to get to this stage. Our leaders have always paid lip service to issues that affect the common man.

Even before the birth of these dreaded tactical squads, the average Nigerian’s rights have always been infringed on by the police. The brutality, illegal detentions, extortion and extrajudicial killings have been on for decades. We want a police force dat serves d people”

In reaction, many asked why he wasn’t on the street like his colleagues, and Don Jazzy revealed that he wished to join, but his health won’t allow him. he wrote;

“True true wish I was healthy enough. But I commend every single soul doing it. It’s not beans.”


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