[WATCH] Soldier beats up a driver for refusing to give N20

A soldier at a checkpoint, along the plateau abuja road maltreated a plateau riders transport company because the driver refuse to give him N20 bribe on Wednesday.

It happened at forest in Kaduna state . from what the passenger in the car heading from jos to abuja the solder became angry because of the driver’s refusal.

It was a checkpoint we were asked to park by the military man who asked the driver to our hearing saying wetin be my own the driver now replied nothing, the passenger said.

The soldier became angry he asked the driver to bring down the luggage’s in the boot.

The driver then told the passenger that every body should take their bags as the company policy states that driver’s are not allowed to touch passenger s luggage.

The passengers step down to get their bags out the military officer refused then he started beating the guy.

The passengers were delayed  for an hour while they watch the solder collect N20 each from other vehicles.

The soldier told the passengers that it was condition that made cray fish to bend.

What video:

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