What is the meaning of Soro Soke Werey in english?

What is the meaning of Soro Soke Werey in english?

What is the meaning of¬†Soro Soke Werey¬†in english? ūüėā Check it out below ūüĎá

Soro Soke Werey¬†is a Yoruba language which simply means ‚ÄúSpeak Louder mad man‚ÄĚ.¬†It‚Äôs mostly used among Nigerians on social media to catch cruise Lol.

The new slang ‚Äúsoro soke werey‚ÄĚ is actually not new to those that are very active on the popular micro blogging social network Twitter, as it was where it originated from weeks ago. Well, some as well might have seen this on people‚Äôs WhatsApp status but will be wondering what it really means.

Of recent, this slang is now trending online which a lot of folks used it but some are still confused about it since they don‚Äôt know what it really means. Actually, the slang ‚Äúsoro soke werey‚ÄĚ is literally a Yoruba language, and someone from that tribe could easily translate it to English as ‚Äėspeak louder madman/woman‚Äô but the real meaning is beyond that.

Yoruba language:

Yoruba¬†/ňąj…ír äb…ô/¬†(Yor.¬†√ąd√® Yor√Ļb√°) is a language spoken in¬†West Africa¬†and most prominently¬†South western Nigeria. The number of speakers of Yoruba is estimated between 45 and 55 million, primarily by the¬†ethnic¬†Yoruba people.¬†It is a¬†pluricentric language¬†spoken principally in¬†Nigeria¬†and¬†Benin, with communities in¬†Sierra Leone,¬†Liberia, other parts of¬†Africa, the¬†Americas, and¬†Europe. The non-vernacular remains of the language in the¬†Caribbean,¬†Lucumi, is the¬†liturgical language¬†of the¬†Santer√≠a¬†religion of the region.¬†Many Yoruba words are used in the¬†Afro-Brazilian religion¬†known as¬†Candombl√©. Yoruba language is also used in many other¬†Afro-American religions¬†in the¬†Americas¬†and the¬†Caribbean. Many Yoruba words are used in the¬†Afro-Brazilian religion¬†based in Brazil known as¬†Candombl√©¬†and¬†Santer√≠a¬†religion based in Cuba.¬†Lucumi¬†is the¬†liturgical language¬†of¬†Santer√≠a. In North America,¬†Adefunmi¬†founded the Oyotunji African Village (Sango Temple¬†(later renamed Yoruba Temple)) in Beaufort County, South Carolina, a blend of Catholicism and¬†Santer√≠a. The Yoruba Temple references several terms in the Yoruba Language. Yoruba is most closely related to the¬†Itsekiri language¬†(spoken in the¬†Niger Delta) and to¬†Igala¬†(spoken in central Nigeria).