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Neymar denies claim he raped a woman he met on Instagram

Neymar denies claim he raped a woman he met on Instagram (Video)

Footballer, Neymar Junior has finally spoken about the rape allegations that were leveled against him by Sao Paulo police, following claims from a Brazilian woman he met in Paris.

Neymar’s father suggested on Saturday night that the WhatsApp messages his son exchanged with the alleged victim, whom was flown into Paris on May 15, would be published in an attempt to prove his innocence to the public.

Neymar Sr reaction; “I know that my son can be accused of many things, but I know the boy that he is, the man that he is, the son of a father and a mother,” Neymar Sr. said. “We will push for justice to be served as quickly as possible.”

Reports in Brazil claim Neymar paid for her travel and met her at Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe. The 27-year-old says he met her at the hotel but contests the serious claims from the unnamed woman, who is protected by victim anonymity.


Neymar reaction; “I’m being charged of rape,” Neymar said in an Instagram video published on Sunday morning that has already been viewed more than 10 million times. “It’s a heavy word, it’s a very strong thing, but it’s what’s happening right now.”

“I was taken by surprise. It was very bad, very sad to hear that. You know my character, you know what I mean, you know I would never do something like that.”

“But I’ve been exposed to it and I’m here to make a face of it, because I know that any news with my name involves a lot of things, it makes a very loud noise, and everybody keeps wanting my statement, and what happened was totally the opposite of what they say.”

“From now on I will expose everything, I will expose all the conversation I had with the girl, all our moments, which are intimate, but it is necessary to be open, it is necessary to expose to prove that nothing really happened at all.”

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