Another Miracle

Gospel sensation, Ada Ehi, wasted no time in releasing the official video for her latest song, 'Another Miracle,' just hours after its initial release.

The gospel masterpiece features a collaboration with the renowned gospel singer, Dena Mwana, adding an extra touch of grace and power to the song.

Ada Ehi shares that the inspiration for T.I. psalm came directly from the Holy Ghost. The purpose of 'Another Miracle' is to bless lives and strengthen the faith of believers and listeners alike.

The song is a beautiful blend of exquisite lyrics, captivating energy, soulful vocals, and divine inspiration. It is sure to exhilarate and uplift anyone who appreciates good and great Christian music.

As you immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and heartfelt worship, you will be taken on a spiritual journey that resonates with your soul. 'Another Miracle' is a testament to Ada Ehi's dedication to spreading the message of hope and faith through her remarkable musical talent.

If you are a lover of inspiring gospel music, T.I. song will undoubtedly become a favorite in your playlist. Experience the divine power of 'Another Miracle' and allow its uplifting message to touch your heart and spirit.