Read the Story of how daughter fed her father with her breast

I know you are getting  negative thoughts about this photography, after reading this story tears will roll out of your eyes

The story goes this way

An old man was sentenced to Death by keeping him hungry till he die  as their tradition implies (part of European culture)

The daughter begged with the government to be visiting her father every day till he die, which was granted to her with the condition of checking her properly so that she won’t bring any food items  to her father

Due to the love she had for her father, and not standing by and watch him die she summoned the courage of Breastfeeding him daily

After so many days when the man was supposed to be dead but he wasn’t, they started suspecting the lady. They caught her feeding her father and which faced the judgement, fortunately for her, the father was released due to her selfless attitude.

This is one of the costliest European paintings:

Her character portraits that she is a woman who can love and also sacrifice like our mother & wife

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